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Quality not the best, only better, customer satisfaction is only a starting point, there is no end. We will at all times to customer satisfaction as the center, continue to strengthen the quality of management, and strive to catch up with the advanced level in the same industry at home and abroad, striving to be China's own international brands.

Business philosophy:Since its inception the company has the spirit of "survive by quality, develop by science and technology for development", "quality of factory legislation, brand name Xingye" business philosophy, integrity management, financial and moral thought, business ethics, social morality as a whole.


Quality Policy:
1, to people-centered: to mobilize and inspire people the enthusiasm, initiative, creativity, and strive to build a harmonious DengFeng Luqiao, international DengFeng Luqiao.

2, pragmatic innovation: Learn continuously, analyze customer needs, do a solid job, so that customer satisfaction; promotion of management, technology, service innovation, and achieve continual improvement.

3, the pursuit of excellence: excellence in the quality of shaping the international brand, producing high-quality road and bridge engineering products, so that DengFeng continued success.
4, leading the market: In the product quality, service quality, market share, cost-effective level of management in areas such as leading indicators in the fellow ahead of the competition.

Quality Culture:At enterprise development process, we walked from the quality and efficiency - the quality of scale-efficient in the road, full quality consciousness extended to the job from the product, efficiency, style, services, gradually produce "quality are manufactured, quality is a conscious act of service targets are users, so that the quality of people's dignity DengFeng write "culture of quality.


Quality Management:So far the company have passed ISO 9001 quality management system, utility model patent certificate, etc. to reach the goal of integrated management. Product Quality Supervision and implementation of product testing, to the Company Products to Detect a good conclusion.

Quality Performance:
Through their own efforts and the support of stakeholders, the company quality management has been recognized by the parties concerned have access to "observe contracts and keep promise unit" and "Jiangsu market BrandName recognized", "Chinese Credit Enterprise certification system demonstration unit", etc. numerous honorary title.

R & D strength:Since its establishment DengFeng Luqiao always adhere to the "Technology thriving enterprise" development strategy, and continuously train and bring up enterprises to adapt to global competition and enterprise development of the necessary advanced technology and management talents, constantly enhance technical innovation capability of enterprises to comprehensively promote the technical progress of enterprises, speeding up scientific and technological achievements into productive forces and speed. Enterprises from labor-intensive to technology-intensive development changes.

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