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Develop Dengfeng into awell-known brand in theindustry, and regard thisobjective as the tenet inevery behaviors and efforts;



Treat customers in the principle of "Integrity First", to avoid all the dishonest behaviors;



Gather public feeling, strengthand resources. Gather therelations between the staffand the company as well asthe relations between
customers and the company.


Dedication spirit

Take delight in dedication.

Dedication spirit: take delight in dedication.
Possess strong self-responsibility and dedication spirit, and overcome setbacks and pressure at work ceaselessly. Make good use of all the wisdom to obtain working pleasure therein.


Teamwork spirit: team honored
Our success and failure are closely related to every staff. Any staff is a resource, and unity is an endless resource.


Professional spirit: professionalism based
Every staff must possess professional insight and knowledge to solve all the problems which are encountered or may be encountered at work.


Service spirit: service oriented
Customer demands are the demands of the staff; establish speed and cost advantages, stand still in local places, face the whole country, and give something back to customers.

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